Phil Bowler – Astrologer – Exhibitor Profile

Phil Bowler – Self Help Astrology

Phil Bowler
Phil Bowler

Astrology holds the answers to many of the problems that we face in our daily lives, and can help us resolve them more easily. Newspaper horoscopes give astrology a bad name – there is far more to it than just your star sign.

I have been ‘into’ astrology for 21 years now, practicing since 2001 and attending the Mind Body Spirit shows as ‘personal astrologer’ since 2004. The word personal is very significant here, for it emphasises what true astrology is all about: you, the individual. We all have our own astrological birth chart and it is unique to us. Back in the day, I initially fell into the trap, like so many disbelievers, that the garbage we read in newspaper horoscopes (horror-scopes) is all there is to astrology. Then the logical mind states obvious accusations along the lines of “How can all Sagittarians be facing the same circumstances at the same time?” Well, the fact is, they don’t. I say to people on my workshops “Imagine we are all the same star (Sun) sign and even born in the same year. I still guarantee that the energies of the planets at any particular time will be different to each and every one of us – our charts are specific to ourselves.” Astrology is based on a purely one to one basis: Personal self-help astrology.

I get absolutely irate when I all too regularly see celebrities on TV simply brush the subject aside, it being of no worth as far as they are considered. But this is a very narrow-minded way of going about things and is completely wrong in my eye – any subject, not just astrology, should not be ridiculed or cast aside without at least checking it out. There is a famous quote from Sir Isaac Newton: when the astronomer Halley, of comet fame, made a slighting remark as to the value of astrology, Newton replied: “I have studied the subject, Mr. Halley – you have not.”

It is important to realise that in some obscure way we are all influenced by the energies of the planets, and their positioning in our charts determine how this energy is translated. We all know how the Moon can affect emotions, likewise, the Sun and all the planets affect us in different ways. The houses of the chart show in what areas of life the energies will be mostly featured and the signs reflect the mannerisms that we adapt with the relevant planetary energies. This is why knowing your birth time is so important, because the planets pass from house to house as the day progresses, like hands on a clock, their specific house placements reflecting the areas of life covered by the various houses: love, career, finances, health, home life, etcetera.

Remember, there is far more to it than your star (Sun) sign, and if you are a woman the chances of your Moon sign being more dominant than the Sun sign are very high  The Moon represents female energies, whereas the Sun mostly corresponds to male, so in many cases the Moon dictates in a woman’s chart. But that too is only part and parcel of the entire package – think of it akin to a jigsaw, only complete when all the pieces are correctly in place: the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. The rising sign, the planets in houses and signs, the aspects made between planets to one another… all need taking into account to get the full picture. Then it all has to be weighted accordingly to sort out the many inevitable contradictions and work out which factors are stronger than others.

Phil Bowler
Phil Bowler Deep in Thought

Complex stuff indeed – but oh so accurate and worthwhile if done correctly. With an understanding of astrology and your own birth chart, it becomes so much easier to face up to all those challenges life throws at us – from everyday quandaries to major life dilemmas – by understanding yourself and those around you in much more depth. Discover your true potential and path in this life…

Why Share? Show You Care

Building a reputation is similar to a growing tree. An acorn falls to the ground and becomes a sapling. The oak takes a long time to grow, as the years pass it becomes established. Each spring the foliage grows, and during the beauty of autumn the leaves become golden and fall to the ground. The fallen leaves rot into the soil and provide nutrients for the new trees. The nature of the tree guides us to understand we have to give to succeed.

My feeling is when we demonstrate acts of kindness and show others how we live a successful life, others follow and ask how they too can be happy and secure. Happiness is natural, it is an emotional feeling resulting from making the right choices. For examples: Saying ‘no’ to those who are selfish and greedy. Refusing to accept dishonesty or falseness. Seeking the truth and living with transparency. Seeking friends who are generous, open-minded and kind.

Unhappiness is hard work ‘Why me?’ ‘Living in an illusion’ ‘Self-deception’ and ‘Blind faith’ are four thorns of discord. Life owes us nothing, everything we become is a direct result of our actions and the ways we live our life. Unhappiness is hard work our mind spins in cycles of anger and frustration. While we waste time with anger, happiness is neglected. Making the wrong choices, living in hope and losing life hours are facets of unhappiness. Being spiteful and deriding other people will cause long-term difficulties, not for the victim of the sleight, sadness awaits the messenger of malice.

We know the tree provides oxygen to the atmosphere, its breath is needed for our survival. How can we grow our reputation? It is easy; respire your thoughts, ideas, and principles, help people to be happy and find peace within their lives. Lead by example, demonstrate real truth and work to discover the best of your friend’s character, don’t seek the weakness of a personality, look for the strengths and make them your own. When you share your strengths, you empower those who enter your environment. Those who share weakness, spite, anger and verbal venom, disempower their-selves. In this connected world, the fake is exposed and cannot prosper.

Alice's Gold Star For Sharing
Alice’s Gold Star For Sharing

How can we grow our reputation? It is easy; respire your thoughts, ideas and principles help people to be happy and find peace with their lives. Why not begin with sharing? As Alice says ‘Sharing is caring’ she also says: ’What’s going to work?’ and her reply ‘Teamwork’s going to work’ is the one we laugh at every single time.

The difficulty is, it is hard to get your thoughts read or listened to. If a website or blog is going to become well known, the owner has to work at it for many months or even years. Further difficulties stem from the fact there are millions of people wishing to become noticed. The best way to achieve visibility is to become part of an ethos or community. And use it for people to see your work and enter into your unique and colourful world.

During the last hour, I have looked at our Google Analytics here are the figures – combined ‘clicks’ to our website and blog in a seven day period were nearly 2000 in total. 1400 from this WordPress blog – 500 from our Vimeo video site – 450 on our web page – Anyone who contributes to our platforms can only benefit from the interaction. Aurora Crystals received 76 full reads in one day and Campbell Wallace 43 clicks on a Sunday. For every share you make from your social media page, Facebook or Twitter you demonstrate a commitment to the success of our community. The Map below was created 24 hours ago, so the figures are lower than today’s update.

See How It Works
See How It Works

The map demonstrates how and why writing essays which are promoted through our platforms connect exhibitors to visitors. Visitors can make their decision to visit us by reading about us and our ideas, services, treatments and products. Consider the idea further: if your friends and followers also share our posts and interactions what will be the result? As Alice says ‘Sharing is caring.’ Why share? It shows you care about the success of our community.

More important is for you to contribute to our community. Campbell and Aurora Crystal’s Debbie Thorpe see the importance of sharing and allowing the 1000+ visitors to our platforms to connect to them. Yes! You are correct the success of LizianEvents is very much part of this endeavor. Until we change the environment of the shows to one of happiness and mutual success, we will see a decline in interest from visitors. I know many visitors will return and there will be many new visitors ready to enjoy a day or a weekend with us. What better way to encourage them, than giving them the opportunity to meet us before the show.

We are the first to do this; no one else has opened the events in a way which encourages community. Innovation? You can be sure it is, and the first to begin a method will always be the innovators. One last point: When I use the word ‘we’ I do not refer to The LizianEvents ‘We’ – I am acknowledging the ‘We’ of our community. Each one of us who takes advantage of the Shows, WordPress, and Website, will grow like an oak, LizianEvents the roots, exhibitors the trunk and branches. The leaves on the tree represent our visitors and friends who seek peace and calm in an uncertain world.

Campbell Wallace – Exhibitor Profile

Campbell Wallace
Campbell Wallace

Anyone who meets and then enters into a conversation with Campbell Wallace is certain to benefit in some way. Campbell’s sparkling whit, cheeky smile and open-mindedness shine through. Once we get past his bright personality, we enter into a realm of empathy and kindness which captivates any who talk to him. Do not consider this exaggeration, all who know Campbell recognise his stellar personality. To say he is well loved and admired is an understatement.

A man’s metal is his ability to listen to his friends and fellow humans. A man who can then reflect upon a conversation and offer a few words of hope and inspiration is rare in this ‘no time’ world. Campbell understands the reality and purpose of life; he knows we have to live life to its best. The hundreds of people who love him, know about his illness, his bravery and determination. He overwhelmed a life-threatening disease, underwent transplant surgery and took his life back. His friends know, he lives life and loves every second of his ‘Second Chance.’

He is a Scot, and his roots are evident in his story. From a robust and disciplined upbringing, Campbell became a rally driver, garage owner and finally settled down to a fantastic life working with Carol in their successful crystal business. He never stops to reflect or look back ‘I’ve too much to do, so much to see and enjoy’ sums up his attitude to life.

Campbell’s story is recorded in a treasure trove of memories and wise words. His book ‘Second Chance’ is an extraordinary account of facing death, major surgery and recovery. The book should be used as a guide to approaching the long-term implications of life-threatening illness. For examples: the man who is frightened of minor surgery or procedure will sail through the day surgery without a moment’s concern. Wondering what to say to someone who is ill and how you can help them. Why the implications of one’s financial situation should be considered. Dealing with anxiety, and dissolving fear and how to talk about one’s illness with friends and family. It is an insightful, honest and compelling read. If you have a friend who is unwell, consider the book ‘Second Chance’ as a gift of caring and compassion.

Mr Campbell Wallace’s gratitude for his gift of life cannot be quelled. He thanks his donor and the donor’s family every day of his life. His silent words of thanks become the first thoughts and meditation each day of his life. The importance of understanding the donor system and why it is important to consider entering the NHS Organ Donor Registry is Campbell’s mission. He is recognised as an NHS Organ Donor Ambassador. His handsome portrait has been seen on full sized billboards and digital displays across Manchester.

Short Interview About Being A Donor Ambassador

When visiting an event where Campbell has a stand, take a few minutes to talk to him about his book and the NHS Organ Donor Registry. It is entirely probable your perspective on life will change one more step upward.

Resistance To Change

Not A Merry-Go-Round
Not A Merry-Go-Round

I listened to a comment today which mirrored one made when I announced LizianEvents had become custodians of the Lincoln, Newark and Cheltenham WellBeing Shows. The comment: ‘I do not see how a change of ownership will make any difference’ requires addressing. The reader can decide if the observation has mileage.

My answer is within two words: change and resistance. If I instigated the whole of my three-year plan into a six-month time scale, our exhibitors would have cause for concern. The four main changes for the moment are 1) reduction in talk schedule 2) eliminating crossover of goods 3) removing stall concessions. 4) Conscious and consistent sharing.

1) Reduction and changes of talk programs. Talk schedules are reduced in time allowance, and number because I feel the present level of talks takes visitors away from the floor. This is a hard decision, I am aware many visitors enjoy the talks. For the time being; the rule is for talks to be restricted to 45-minute duration and a half hour gap between each talk will be made. Speakers who break the protocol do not benefit the show. The timing is essential for all speakers to understand. Nothing is worse for visitors who are waiting to attend a talk, and the previous speaker is hanging on to the room. The room needs to be serviced between each talk. And a speaker may need to set up for his presentation.

2)  I have covered ‘crossover of goods’ in an earlier post titled ‘Specialist’. The positive emails received from visitors and exhibitors outweigh the ‘old school’ who chose not to exhibit with us because of this rule. It is now evident the majority agrees to this policy and clearly see merit in the change. Considering 46 exhibitors have confirmed for Lincoln and pre-booked for Newark, the consensus is the changes are welcome. I’ll take this opportunity to remind the reader once our 65 exhibitor limit is set, we have a show.

3) Removing Stall concessions. There are no free stands for charity or ‘good causes.’ No concessions for ‘celebrity’ exhibitors. No ‘paid to attend’ celebrity speakers. We are now on a level exhibition floor.  No one has a financial advantage over another, this encourages unity and common purpose.  Forget Chinese whispers or supposition, the prices set on the lists are the same for every exhibitor’s selection. Reader, therapist, retailer, author each has a category and all pay the same within the category.

4) We need to learn to share information. How can I describe an exhibitors information if it is not sent? How can potential visitors see the information if it unavailable? Sharing social media benefits us all. Without these connections or reticence to become active in utilising these links, we disadvantage ourselves. I ask for short essays about our exhibitor’s work and services if nothing is received the problem is with the exhibitor, not the organiser. If my media infrastructure can really make a difference, why not use it? It seems to be crazy to commit twenty hours to a weekend and not spend two hours writing a resume of your work. Why do visitors decide to come to a venue? Well, firstly it is because of postal mail-outs, weekly e-mail campaigns, video campaigns and advertisement. And for all of this, the visitors still needs to see you and your products and services. Yes, the promotions as mentioned above have an effect, but in truth, the visitor expects activity and interaction. Today’s promotional methodology is light years away from two weeks lineage in the local snooze-paper.

Other changes are high on my agenda, for example, quality of visitor information is a top priority. For the moment I’ll keep the how and why of these changes to myself. I am aware of plagiarism, and small steps will transform the status of our shows. ‘Change of ownership will not make any difference?’ Do not bet on it. The four initial adjustments are sufficient for the time being. Visitors will see administrative changes at the shows, although this is sole to advantage LizianEvents infrastructure. Remember, I am moving away from over subscribed and under-attended shows. My lens is sharply focussed on visitors. My priority, once the doors are open, is visitor satisfaction.

If exhibitors do not understand why I am making changes, or the reason for the adjustment is unclear, I will expect resistance due to ineffective communication. Let us consider resistance to change: Those who feel current methodology is working well may resist change and may choose a more traditional show atmosphere, I respect their choice. Their fear of the unknown may make them feel secure within a tradition. I understand their thoughts and have no intention of wasting time persuading them to consider the changes. People become connected to tradition and nostalgia, this is expected and accepted. I will not attempt to convince someone to change to a different way because this could result in further complications.

For examples: 1) The situation when someone feels they will be worse off because of new methods. 2) Feelings of resentment spread like wildfire and undermine the purpose of the streamlining. 3) Half-hearted acceptance, resistance or negative attitude affects everyone who spends hard earned money to pay their fee. 4) Those who bemoan and/or disparage adjustments also slight and undermine exhibitors who embellish the shifts to new beginnings. We can work and grow with a common purpose, those who undermine our objective of success are not welcome. We do not need wasps in a bee hive.

Working together with a common purpose results in success. Whether we consider our personal life, workplace or home, the axiom holds true. Clear and transparent policies establish the parameters to work within. Consider our events as a home in which a family thrives, and we will become successful in attaining our objective. ‘Change of ownership will not make any difference?’ Do not bet on it.

Clarity is essential to culturing a symbiotic relationship between, organizer, exhibitor and visitors. Without transparency, the danger is some may feel there is a bias toward individuals or category. Not from my perspective; my desire is to help exhibitors cover overheads and enter into profit. We cannot enjoy a sustainable and long term business relationship without prosperity. Again wether home, work or social interaction, a collective purpose is the way to success. It is my intention to build an enviable reputation. Transparency, integrity and mutual respect are key to profit and profit is the life blood of business. ‘Change of ownership will not make any difference?’ Do not bet on it.

Aurora Crystals and Art – Exhibitor Profile

Debbie Thorpe
Debbie Thorpe

Debbie has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Although destined for art school, Debbie chose a “sensible” career, becoming a secretary and working for a High Street bank. The early part of her life was dedicated to raising a family of three and caring for a menagerie of animals ranging from domestic dogs and cats to goats, chickens, sheep and horses. Once Debbie had nurtured her family, it was time to move on to her true spiritual path of Healer and Spiritual Artist.

For many years she has been a professional Wildlife artist and continued to work with horses. However, the time came to put her groom’s boots aside and become a Crystal Healer and work at MBS shows. She attained the highly respected Crystal Diploma provided by the SVA. Debbie is an established Reiki practitioner and has studied Aura Soma, Master Colour Healing and Quantum Touch.

Debbie’s artwork is intuitively connected to the highest spiritual level. Every client’s portrait is drawn from deep spiritual insight. She feels honoured and privileged to draw your Spirit Guide during the shows and hopes that her beautiful portraits bring happiness and empowerment into her client’s lives. Her love of portraiture, nature and its magnificent creatures provides the most beautiful, inspiring and healing imagery. Debbie’s work has evolved from working as a professional artist, healer and many years of connecting on a deep intuitive/spiritual level.

Peter is a retired Chartered Accountant; He was Head of Finance at The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Having worked in nature conservation for the last 20 years of his life, Peter understands the message of preserving nature and he knows caring for our world should be a priority for us all. His main passions are watching wildlife and walking, especially in the wild places of Cumbria and Scotland.

Peter enjoys working with crystals alongside Debbie. They have built a solid reputation for providing quality stock and depth of knowledge. Aurora Crystals has traded for more than twelve years, and Peters appreciation of the appeal, infinite variety and beauty of crystals is evident to all who meet him.

Aurora Crystals
Aurora Crystals

When visiting Aurora Crystals, you can expect to find everything from natural specimens and clusters, to beautiful Herkimer Diamonds, Master Crystals, working crystals for healers, carvings of animals and crystal skulls, polished specimen pieces, spheres and a wide range of tumbled stones to suit all tastes and purposes. There are also written explanations to help the visitor make their choices. All this information is written by Debbie and is evidence of her long experience of working in this specialist field. If further advice is needed Debbie has prepared further notes for customers to take without charge. Visitors are encouraged to make choices based on personal intuition.

Crystal jewellery, from pendants to bracelets and original artwork is also for sale. Many examples of Debbie’s work can be viewed on Aurora’s stall. Crystals are sourced from a wide range of UK suppliers. Aurora’s stock is personally selected by Debbie, quality and resonance are paramount to her decisions. We carry an extensive range of crystals so customers can choose something which is personally pleasing. Whether you work with, place in your personal environment, wear or carry with you, crystals will help empower well-being and awareness.

Debbie has an enviable list of completed commissions; there is no doubt her work is of the highest quality. Her work demonstrates her ability as a consummate artist, the connection of kindness, artistic and spiritual ability shines through.

Aurora Crystals & Art established by Debbie and Peter Thorpe in 2005.


Zincite £1000+
Zincite £1000+

During the last two decades, I have met many successful people. Once I worked as P.A to a Knight of the Realm, and the two PLC Chairmen who employed me are chalk and cheese. The trio are multi-millionaires. It is interesting to be near successful businessmen and women as we discover the methods used are similar. Most people imagine the successful have a magic wand. The reality is in fact hard work and dedication to a solid objective.

Fourteen years ago I left the corporate world and began a small retail business. There was no intention of growing it beyond a small and controllable source of income. I will let you into a secret; the company began with a five hundred pound purchase of stock and a small market stall. In the fourteen years, it has never needed one loan or overdraft. Lizian Crystal Shop has provided me with a healthy living and shown consistent growth.

The discipline of business practice learned from observing the three aforementioned and (to the reader) unknown men is part of the success. There is another person involved in the business; Ian Timothy, one of the finest businessmen I have known. During the years we have known each other, there has never been one argument, not one; I mention this because it is evidence of Ian’s way of thinking. He is the finest negotiator and dealer imaginable, setting clear parameters and transparency with his intentions, the deal is either fair for all concerned or not struck. I remember him saying ‘Don’t have hidden agendas Liz, seek people who can work with you to a single purpose. Demonstrate your abilities and listen to peoples, ideas, criticism and input.’

Four years into trading, the market stall entered a difficult time. I was losing customers and sometimes needed to use previous months profits to cover present day overheads. ‘We will give it six months, and if it cannot be turned around, we’ll close it and move on.’ Ian’s words hurt me, all the effort and hours of dedication were dismissed. He was adamant ‘Six months, and we will move on.’ Two weeks later he said ‘We will have a sale’ I looked at him and he saw I was upset ‘We will sell the books, cards, silver jewellery, fossils and anything else which does not work for us. I don’t care what we get for the dead stock’ We had a sale, the retail price was 2500 pounds, we realised 800 at the most. After the sale, we have another! ‘We’ll dispose of all the stock which does not sell Liz’ again I was hurt, I believed he doubted my ability to purchase the right stock. This time 3000 pounds worth of stock returned 900. ’Now go and buy 2000 pounds of stock which you understand and are a specialist in.’

Zincite £1000+
Zincite £1000+

We never looked back; there were no goth pewter rings, tarot and angel cards, books and silver jewellery. The manifest is still the same; medium size mineral and crystals, and high quality, super valuable mineral specimens. Later on, I added incense to the stock list; we never wavered from the specialist formula. If I’d specialised in goth, tarot cards, books or silver jewellery the success would have worked. When I look back, the Knight and the two PLC Chairmen understood the system. One core product and a thorough knowledge of that product.

The worse weekend I endured at a mind body and spirit show was due to Ian and his transparency. We were at Stockport and next to a man who made a ‘product’. Around the product were a few books and some crystals. During a conversation, he said to Ian ‘I could not cover my overheads with my ‘product’ alone. I have to sell the books and rocks to make it pay.’ I believed he was attempting to excuse himself for selling similar products to our own; ‘Don’t worry, sell what you like, it will not make any difference to me’ I listened to Ian’s reply and thought “that’s nice” until he finished the sentence ‘You are in the worst place possible, we are specialist, no jewellery, no ‘product’ just crystals. You need the additions, not to make up your overheads, you need them because your ‘product’ is inferior.’ For the rest of the weekend, I watched the man struggle.

There is no point in getting angry with Ian he’ll just say ‘I will not argue.’ However, during the drive home, he broke the silence. ‘It is a sign of immaturity to have faith and blind belief in something which is unsaleable. That fellow smelled, had dirty hair and hands. His clothes were filthy, and if you’re going to wear sandals, it would be a good idea to cut your toe nails. His ‘product’ is shoddy, and all who looked at the ’product’ saw his reflection in it.

Ten years ago I attended a small ‘show’ in the North East. Rick is a twenty-year-old modern day hippy. He wears a pair of well-washed jeans, white ‘guru’ shirt and a pair of Jesus sandals. His table is covered with a light green cloth. On the table are a pile of  unique A4 pictures and the strangest books I have seen. It is the paper which is different, the books are amazing. Rick makes the paper himself; he sticks dried flowers and leaves onto A4 sized sheets to create unique forest scene pictures. The books are ten sheets of A6 sized paper, bound with sisal string. The left-hand page has a few pressed flowers, the opposite page a short poem or a few words. In the middle of the table is a framed sign. “Books £35.00 – Pictures £45.00”. Below the price list is a pile of handwritten postcards, on which Rich has written ‘For every one of my products purchased, I will plant an oak or chestnut sapling in a safe and secure wood. At the bottom of the planting hole, I will place a note with your name or the name of a loved one. That weekend Rick sold a thousand pounds worth of his pictures and goods. We became his friend, later he became a forester and continued to work near to the woods where he watches the saplings grow into trees.

Rick's Trees
Rick’s Trees

I could give other examples of why specialists succeed. Although I will come back to the time when I realised becoming an expert turned my business around. I could have sold the fossils, silver jewellery and gothic goods. However, the market stall was too small. A larger shop was required, where the different lines could be separated. During my time retailing in Nottingham, I have watched six crystal shops rise and wither. Every one filled with a cornucopia of products and goods. When they close for the final time, the reason is always the same, too many ranges and insufficient options within each one.

Ian left the Lizian Shop business seven years ago and became a writer, one morning he said. ‘I am going to become a freelancer Liz’, and this is exactly what he has done. I know about being a specialist. I cannot give the very best to my customers if I am not dedicated to a particular area. Ian is now back in the small market stall, selling the crystals and incense and writing essays and articles for his clients. Today, I am a show and event organizer dedicated to my stall holders and their success.

Liz Clark

Visitors Page

The Lighthouse Guides Us All
The Lighthouse Guides Us All

There is an imperative need to encourage new visitors to the shows, and we begin by changing the ways visitors see us. LizianEvents is a platform which goes beyond venue rental and recycling old ideas. I will not ignore the problems, I will face them head on and make the changes needed so as the shows begin to thrive. I will demonstrate my commitment to exhibitors and visitors alike by constant evolution.

This text is the basis for the Visitors Page on our website.

Why Visit a Well-Being Show?

There once was an esoteric shop in Nottingham called ‘Alternatives.’ The owner sold crystals and taught Reiki; he is a pleasant human. I write of the shop because of its name; ‘Alternatives,’ and if there is one reason to visit a well-being show, the word provides the answer. A day or two days spent at the show will open the visitor’s mind to differing ways of looking at life’s perspectives. In a mundane to Friday existence; reviewing and thinking about other people’s ideas can turn our lives around.

Let us consider those who take pleasure in castigating the exhibitors and visitors. Some people claim it is impossible to predict the future and regularly spend ten pounds a week with the lottery, gamble on horses and take chances on the stock market. All three examples are within the realms of future speculation. Others claim to spend money on crystals and crystal set jewelry is a waste of money, and yet they will happily spend 3000 on a Rolex or a one carat diamond. And what about the individual who derides the Reiki Master, Reflexologist or Healer? Their faith in fast food, tobacco, and alcohol seems to have more sinister implications. The fact is we all have different ideas and opinions and if we decide to investigate ‘Alternatives’ and it brings us pleasure, who is to stop us following our path? One final comment; it always seems the ‘knocker’ has the loudest voice and the open-minded individual the kindest.

The visitor will discover many of the exhibitors are highly educated and formally qualified people. Over the years exhibitors have included people with doctorates, and many have one or more degrees. The range of degrees is extensive from psychology to geology. Many supremely intelligent individuals have graced the floor of the shows. The visitor who believes she is visiting a circus will be disappointed. We have teachers, business executives and best-selling authors. Exhibitors include scientists who embellish spiritual ideas and one or two crazy people we all love.

At one time the main attraction was fortune tellers, the scene has changed very much since then. Many of the ‘readers’ have excellent counselling qualifications and possess incredible insight into the human psyche. Do not forget, the ‘reader’ interacts with hundreds of people during their career, and their knowledge has a foundation in reality, not, as many assume in speculation. The old days of cat and mouse interaction are long gone. A reading today has become a deeply rewarding interaction. Many people find solace and comfort in a ‘reading’ and leave the venue with a new perspective on their situations. There are mediums and psychics who provide interesting insights into the spirit realms; many visitors are impressed with the quality, depth, and breadth of their readings.

Today the emphasis is on alternative and complementary therapies. Many visitors enjoy two or even three treatments. If the need is to find calm and relaxation our therapists can give the very best experience. The visitor can experience a head massage and finish with a sublime Reflexology session. If your desire is to be pampered and cared for, the therapists will fulfill this need. Many of our exhibitors have worked in their field for many years; they are experienced and knowledgeable. Visitors often try a taster session and continue to a full treatment. Many return time and again revisit the experience. A newcomer to the events will soon learn the therapists do not make false or extraordinary claims; it becomes evident the therapists have the highest standard of professionalism.

There are many retailers at the events; the visitor will discover unusual and good quality products. From silver jewelry and crystals to incense, clothing, and books the visitor will not be disappointed in the range of goods available. There is something special about talking to a retailer who has traveled the world to source their merchandise. Do not forget when making a choice during the show you are not purchasing from an unknown PLC. You are entering into a transaction with a retailer who genuinely cares that his customer receives an excellent product with superb service. We have author tables where best-selling and well-respected writers talk about and sell their publications. When you read a book after talking to the writer, it seems to have a greater impact; there is a deeper understanding of the information being read.

We encourage food supplement suppliers at our shows, although it is suggested that the visitor researches the products before coming to the show. New legislation has changed the way our exhibitors can promote their products. Many excellent products cannot be fully explained because of the new restrictions. Thankfully, there is still plenty of information available on the internet about the benefits of supplements and extracts. An hour of research will provide the knowledge needed to make a decision.

During a show, the visitor can listen to a variety of talks. Attendees will discover a diversity of ideas and opinions. We can learn much from an insightful 45-minute talk and very often one idea can give us a different outlook on any subject. Be open-minded, respect the presenter and listen to the whole of the talk to get the best from it.

Why visit a Well-Being event? The answer is within the word ‘alternative.’  In a world where people are pushed and formed into societies molds, our shows demonstrate some people are prepared to push the boundaries and seek other viewpoints. We are not claiming miracles or magic; the well-being scene has moved a long way away from the old image. There is still a connection to the past, although our exhibitors are firmly committed to the future. The answer can be found in this thought ‘When a human offers the possibility of an alternative, the intelligent will think about the potentials of the idea.’

The price of entry is £3-00 for Lincoln, Newark, and Cheltenham; the visitor will certainly discover this is excellent value for money. An entertaining and fascinating day out for anyone who believes in an alternative outlook to life.

Enjoy your visit to the show.

Do not forget to share this article one click benefits us all.